A musical interlude

V0007684 A woman plays music to a stag; God condemns Adam and Eve to

With things winding down over summer, we thought we’d do a rather more light-hearted post this fortnight. Taking a cue from (perhaps even directly copying…) the Wellcome Library, who have begun to compile some medically-themed Spotify playlists for library readers to listen to during the Wellcome’s building works, we’ve put together our own Spotify playlist based (very loosely) around the theme of mental health.

You can access the playlist here. Some tracks are a bit tongue-in-cheek, others more serious, but I think they’re all quite uplifting in their own way. You’ll notice, though, that our own musical tastes have strongly influenced our choices!

Basket Case – Green Day

Emotion Sickness – Silverchair

Out of Mind – The  Cure

Schizophrenia – Sonic Youth

Black Eyed Dog – Nick Drake

Insomnia – Feeder

Melancholia – The Who

Hysteria – Muse

Agoraphobia – Incubus

Perfect Blue Buildings – Counting Crows

Disorder – Joy Division

Still Ill – The Smiths

One response to “A musical interlude

  1. Girl Anachronism by Desden Dolls? Although it is a bit “I’m a mad woman in the attic, lol”.

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